Meet the Crunchers: Seth Beaird

Seth “Kanye” Beaird, as his fellow rodbusters call him, is the picture of a true Cruncher. As a Foreman, he oversees jobsite operations in the field. This job title includes an immense amount of responsibility, such as making sure that everyone knows what they should be doing at all times, that the job runs smoothly day to day, and that it’s completed in a timely manner. On the job, Seth takes our company motto very seriously, wasting neither money nor time as he strives to produce excellent work. Pike Motorworks is his favorite jobsite in his extensive Cruncher portfolio, located on Capitol Hill in Seattle. When asked what motivates him, he responded, “my family and job,” an answer that exemplifies the core community values we strive to embody as a company.

The Cruncher family takes a backseat only to his own family, according to Seth. He is the proud father of Bryden, 3, and Layla, just 9 months old. Seth readily admits that his wife is his hero, and that fatherhood is his proudest achievement. He reflects that, as a Cruncher, he feels “part of a tight-knit family that takes pride in what we do.” He acknowledges that perseverance is his greatest strength, an attribute which has served him well as an ironworker. His family-oriented approach to life and work demonstrate a sense of loyalty that is hard to come by these days.

Despite his deep sense of commitment to work and family, Seth is far from a solemn guy, just as his Cruncher nickname of Kanye would indicate. When you meet him, it’s readily apparent what an intense fireball of activity he can be. Seth is a crowd favorite at work, and it is easy to see why. He’s as American as apple pie, from his enthusiasm for great music (he enjoys everything, “rock, rap, country, etc.,” but named Ozzy Osbourne as his all-time favorite artist) to his favorite foods (turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch, and chocolate mint ice cream). He’s clearly a man’s man as well, expressing a love of pool, bowling, camping, and home renovations as some of his hobbies. Having grown up in Olympia, Seth is a Northwesterner through and through – when asked what the best part of living in the Pacific Northwest was, he answered simply “the trees.” His wife had a huge smile on her face when she tapped Richard Gere to play Seth in a movie of his life, and the choice is apt. Seth is friendly and instantly likeable, and his exuberance is infectious, which makes him a fantastic foreman and friend.

We’re very lucky to call Seth a part of our Cruncher family, and we’re proud of his drive and work ethic. He would be an asset to any organization, and certainly makes the name of Cruncher Construction shine brighter through his perseverance and hard work.

*This piece is the first of what we hope will be an enlightening and enjoyable series on the people that make Cruncher Construction a unique, wonderful place to work.*

New Project: Cascades 1 and 2 in Seattle

We’re pleased to announce a new project we started in Seattle this past Friday! The Cascades 1 and 2 buildings in the South Lake Union urban center will incorporate pedestrian paths in the building design as well as outdoor plazas for residents and neighbors to enjoy. This collaboration with Stegin Structural Concrete will be a fantastic addition to this beautiful neighborhood, and will include plenty of commercial and residential space to provide for the expansion of the existing neighborhood. Check out the site proposal online for further details on this creative design.

T-Shirt Design Contest WINNER!

We are excited to announce the winning design in our T-Shirt Design Contest! Thank you to all participants, and congratulations to Mike Balko, who created this fantastic piece of artwork for us. Mike also happens to be a Cruncher, and we love to see his trademark creativity exemplified in this design. Look for t-shirts to roll out during our anniversary month in May.

T-Shirt Design Contest WInner 2015 by Mike Balco
T-Shirt Design Contest WInner 2015 by Mike Balko

New Project: Modera Capitol Hill Apartments in Seattle

We’re pleased to announce a new project we started in February with Stegin Structural Concrete. We’ll be working with Stegin on the Modera Capitol Hill Apartments in Seattle, Washington.

First look at the Capitol Hill Apartments jobsite in Seattle
First look at the Capitol Hill Apartments jobsite in Seattle

This project is a part of the recent boom of development along 11th Ave in the Pike/Pine neighborhood, and will create 135 new units, over 6,000 square feet of commercial space, and a huge underground parking facility in a six-story building designed to fit seemlessly within this important cultural center. Check out this informative article for more details and pictures of the preliminary designs for this structure.

First Look: Renton Highlands Library

We’re pleased to share a first look at the Renton Highlands Library project we are working on with Stegin Structural Concrete.

Renton Highlands Library 2015

It is always a joy to contribute to cultural venues such as libraries!

Community Aquatic Center Progress Photos

G-4 line finished January 21

Progress Photos, January 2015
Progress Photos, January 2015

Check out our Jobs and Services page for more pictures!

Happy Holidays from the Cruncher Family!

We wish everyone a very happy holiday season, filled with joy, good food, and family fun. Thank you all for being an important part of our Cruncher family.


Behind the Scenes: 8th and Republican

Here are some great behind-the-scenes looks at the prefab elements for the 8th and Republican jobsite in Seattle. Many thanks to Conco Commercial Concrete Contractors and to Ron Rivera for these fantastic time-lapse videos of the Conco column yard being used to prepare for this job!

Skilled Placement of Reinforcing Steel

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