Cruncher T-Shirt Design Contest!

Attention all Crunchers! We are looking to do something a little different for our t-shirts this year. After all, it will be our fifteenth anniversary! We would like to invite all Crunchers (and people who love Crunchers) to compete in an art competition, and the winning piece of artwork will be featured on our next Cruncher t-shirt.

All drawings are due by the end of the year: December 31, 2014. Keep in mind that the final version will need to be transferred to t-shirts, so remember to keep it relatively simple – and appropriate for the workplace, of course. Need help coming up with ideas? Feel free to send us a message on facebook, or contact the website administrator through Cruncher’s Contact page. We look forward to seeing all the great ideas you come up with!

Please direct all submissions to thelangilleclan@msn.com, and include “T-Shirt Design Contest” in the subject line.

New Upcoming Project: 68th and 8th in Seattle

We have a new project starting in Seattle, WA, at the end of October with Moncrieff Construction, Inc. We’re working with Moncrieff on several other jobs this year, including the Cornwall Apartments and Oxford Hotel in Bellingham. The upcoming project at 68th and 8th will be a new mixed use multi-story building in the Roosevelt neighborhood in north Seattle, near a future light rail station. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, visit the City of Seattle website and check out the detailed Urban Design Analysis.


Skilled Placement of Reinforcing Steel