For those of us who recognize that ironworkers seem to speak an entirely different dialect than the rest of the world, here’s a few helpful words and phrases to learn in order to follow their conversation:

(I don’t think there’s any non-ironworker who would be able to explain their jokes, so I won’t even try.)

Rodbuster (n): An Ironworker, especially one who works hard and knows what he’s doing. See also: Cruncher.
Endo (v): To “endo” a bar is to prepare it for tying. Ex: “My road, your road; endo!” (Translation: Check my end, check your end, ok!)
Cruncher (n): (1)The person you turn to when you’re in a crunch, or precarious situation. (2)One who always makes his pours. (3)An employee at Cruncher Construction who works hard, fast, and well, and shows respect for his or her fellow workers and all others involved in the project.

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